• George Moorey

    music producer specialising in releasing creative projects as NFTs

  • Biography

    I am a music producer based in Gloucester, UK with over 20 years professional experience.


    I created my first NFT with my 5 year old son Luca in August 2021. I had helped Luca's older brother Euan, who is 9, to create an online t-shirt store featuring his hand drawn animals (which has become the seed of Euan's Animal Trail). Luca, inspired by this, drew a dinosaur and 2LegSteg was born. I created a 2LegSteg twitter and minted a few Stegs on Opensea and 4 were snapped up in the first week.


    In addition to producing music in studios with recording artists, my freelance portfolio includes work with arts organisations, theatres, schools and community organisations.


    In 2018 I was awarded funding from Arts Council England for SPACES. In 2014 I received Heritage Lottery Funding for Warsongs 1914:1918. From 2000-08 I was the leader of WIRED, a young bands project that included over 150 young bands and generated around 16,000 ticket sales. I received an Unltd social enterprise award for his work on the project.

  • I love connecting - you know what to do....


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