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    I make music I enjoy listening to. Sometimes I try to do that on my own, but it's always so much better when I involve other people. I love being part of a great team. Some of my oldest and dearest friends are those that share my love of music. That connection makes the music my friends make more powerful and profound to me. So I choose ways of working that strengthen bonds with other people and the things I'm inspired by.

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    The 3 things I thread through my practice are:


    Collaboration - working with lovely people.

    Craft - taking care and paying attention to detail.

    Discovery - finding inspiration in people, places, history and stories.


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    I'm not bad at DIY so I've made myself a project studio in the cellar of my house. I dug out the clay floor, discovered a well, laid a concrete floor, built isolated walls, installed acoustic treatment and specified and set up the equipment.


    I've recorded all sorts here and it has proven to be a reliable space for tracking drums, guitars, strings, vocals and other elements of modern music. It's also simple enough for me to pack up the essentials ready for working in other environments.

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    I come up with many of my musical ideas in another room in my house where there is an upright piano and several acoustic guitars in different tunings.


    I tend to mess around on the piano most days and use my phone to make sketchy recordings of any ideas with potential that I can refer to later in the studio when I'm developing arrangements.

  • The Powdered Earth

    This is my wonderful songwriting project that I am so proud of with my friend Shane Young.

    Please visit www.thepowderedearth.com for further information.

  • Spaces

    This was an Arts Council England funded project in 2018. Visit www.spacesgloucester.com for more details.

    This is "Coals", a song that I have written based on the historic character of

    the "Gloucester Miser" Jemmy Wood

  • Time

    This track is one of my favourites. It features cello by my friend Alice White and I wrote and played everything else. The film documents the clock repair activities of another friend Jon Jones.

  • Big Blue Sun

    I was once a member with a production / multi-instrumental role in a band called Big Blue Sun. We championed the songwriting and singing talents of the front man Dan Pierce.

    This is the album we made in 2008.


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    If you'd like to add your name to my email list, follow my social media feeds or just want to get in touch I'd be really pleased to hear from you.

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    +44 7780524310

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