• Euan's Animal Trail

    Euan is George's eldest son. He is 9. He loves drawing. This is the concept for his NFT project.

  • Background

    During the UK lockdown in 2021 Euan got very frustrated and upset with the worksheets sent home from his school. As his parents, we challenged him to come up with something he liked doing and we would do our best to make it an educational activity. He chose drawing.


    We talked through several ideas and eventually arrived at the idea of a small T-shirt enterprise. Euan would make drawings and put them onto T-shirts and sell them with help from us.


    We integrated drawing, learning how to use a scanner, using software to colour in the scans and create transparent .png files, carried out research into T-shirt vendors exploring their commercial, ethical and environmental credentials before choosing one, explored social media channels to work out effective ways of promoting the project to get sales, did some maths with the prices and learned about cost and profit.


    To date Euan has sold just over 100 garments with his animal designs on and he pledges to plant a tree in the equatorial rainforest belt for each garment sold.

    Where We Live

    We live in an area of the city of Gloucester, UK called Kingsholm. It's famous in the rugby world for being the home of Gloucester's premier league rugby union club. As a settlement it's very old dating back to pre-Roman times. Sadly it ranks fairly high in most UK social and economic deprivation statistics. The % in brackets below indicates that the area is in the top 9.3% for Crime.

    • Income Deprivation (22.5%)
    • Employment Deprivation (22.5%)
    • Education, Skills and Training Deprivation (13.5%)
    • Health Deprivation and Disability (13.5%)
    • Crime (9.3%)
    • Barriers to Housing and Services (9.3%)
    • Living Environment Deprivation (9.3%)
    Our street in particular is troubled by drugs and anti-social behaviour and our boys are perhaps too aware of things that many children shouldn't be at their age as a result. Despite this the neighbourhood is full of lovely people from all walks of life and the outside environment (air quality and road traffic) is ranked in the UK top 20% statistically. There's a good spirit amongst the majority of the people who live in the area and most are happy to be here.
  • Community Action

    In July 2021 myself and a neighbour decided to do something about the private alleyway at the back of our house that runs between the two rows of houses.

    For many years it has been used as a place for unscrupulous landlords, builders and others to fly-tip unwanted old mattresses, furniture, tyres, building rubble and other detritus.

    Unfortunately it had also been used by drug addicts who had irresponsibly littered the alley with used paraphernalia.

    We organised for a skip to be delivered and spent a day clearing the alleyway and the morning after building a fence from reclaimed timber to prevent access to undesirable activity in future.


    Euan's Fox Mural


    Euan and I painted a Fox mural on the fence panel. Euan's mum created a social media post for on a neighbourhood group suggesting that people "stroke" the fox and send us photos we can use to promote his t-shirt enterprise. There was a suggestion from a neighbour that we create more murals around the area to brighten up the neighbourhood and this is something we have been thinking about for a while.

    IRL Trail

    Euan's Animal Trail project will appeal to the NFT community to collect Euan's animals. There are 50 animals currently and each can be made individual with a variety of handdrawn traits and colour schemes. Collectors will receive a T-shirt for each NFT they collect too. The proceeds from sales of NFTs will effectively sponsor the project action plan to brighten up our neighbourhood with an IRL (in real life) trail of animal images on empty fences, walls, garages and wherever else in the area permission is legally granted. A neighbourhood map identifying all the animals will be created so that families in the area will be able to enjoy walking the trail to see all of the animals whilst finding out more about NFTs via a dedicated website which will walk newcomers to the space through the process of setting up a wallet and receiving free NFTs and sticker packs from the project.


    A % of the funds raised from the sales of Euan's Animal NFTs will be used to buy a selection of carefully researched NFTs. Gradually this NFT collection will be recreated as an IRL trail around the neighbourhood too.

  • Project Roadmap


    Raise funds from sales of 2legsteg


    Grow community on twitter


    Create discord server


    Get help from a developer


    Set up project website and launch minting with airdrops and giveaways for 2legsteg holders


    Identify IRL locations and obtain permission to decorate with animal images


    Design a trail map


    Promote the trail locally


    Beginners' NFTs workshop for Euan's neighbourhood


    Airdrops and giveaways


    Fund buys NFTs and sets up future IRL trails


    Partner with organisations for next phase of projects